Tree and Shrub Care



It is important to take care of your investment.

A 2-3 year fertilization program is recommend to aid in establishing your new plantings. After trees and shrubs are established fertilization may be used to improve growth rate and plant vigor. After construction fertilization can help to limit plant stress from soil compaction and excavation activities.




Water is vital while the plant establishes a more extensive root system. A general rule of thumb, you should water by hand with an open-ended hose on a slow to medium flow at the base of the tree. Periodic deep watering of your plant is necessary. Often natural rainfall is not sufficient to allow new trees and plants to become established. Contact us for more information on your new installations.


Deer Management


The main goal for any good deer management program is to reduce feeding damage to valuable plants. We have answers and tactics to aid in limiting or stopping deer browsing. Request a consultation.

Mosquito and Tick Mangement

The infectious diseases that ticks and mosquitos carry transfer quickly to other hosts such as humans and pets. This makes tick and mosquito borne diseases a major concern both for families and for public health. Managing ticks and mosquitos for disease control and prevention requires much more than just tick removal, repellents or sprays.


Often an integrated approach is far better than insect repellent alone for the prevention of vector-borne diseases. Such an approach includes landscape alterations such as pruning and removing weedy vegetation to reduce insect habitats. Rather than only killing insects, this approach reduces infestation over the long term. Treatments can be targeted to areas of the landscape specifically where insect are present  such as in wooded areas and at property boundaries that may not be maintained.


Through yearly inspections, we can determine what species may be present and estimate the extent of populations. This process allows your Arborist to develop a Management program specifically designed to reduce infestations on your property.


If you want to enjoy your landscape with less concern call us for a consultation.