Integrated Pest Management 


The first part of solving your pest problem is determining the exact nature of the problem. We will take the necessary steps to accurately identify the pest or pests that may be causing damage and then come up with a suitable plan to remove them from your property. 


Walker Tree Care Inc. uses an integrated approach to managing insects and diseases. The first step is to maintain tree and shrub health by using sound practices for pruning, mulching and fertilization to create an ideal environment for growth. Regular inspections of the landscape are essential to find pest infestations before they reach harmful levels. Our Arborists and Technicians are trained to evaluate tree and shrub health and perform treatments if insect populations are above tolerable levels. Many fungal diseases can be managed by improving tree and shrub health. Fungicide sprays are used to help suppress diseases and reclaim plant vigor.

When treatments are needed we can use organic and naturally based materials and reduced-risk products for insect and disease control. These chemical controls provide effective pest suppression and insect management while protecting people and the environment.